Run Or Dye

Physical activity is an important and vital component of your health regime. The key is to find activities that you enjoy and don’t seem like “work”. Did you know that based on your interests and your psychology we can find a workout that fits your personality? Elika has helped many people assess and identify activities that they enjoy-there is no one size fits all to exercise either!

This weekend our founder, Elika Kormeili, joined many others in a 5k called Run or Dye. Elika is not the biggest fan of running/jogging but when she does run/jog she likes to keep it entertaining.

Here is the pros of this 5k:
1) You can wear customes and use some team spirit
2) You get some fresh air and Vitamin D
3) It’s good for the whole family (there were parents pushing strollers during this event)
4) You get to brag about dying and live to tell about it!

The messy pictures are included for your amusement!

Want us to help you find the right workout?


How to Eat Healthy While Networking

Elika is big on networking, but she is also big on eating healthy. If you ever wonder how to network AND eat healthy, you’re not alone! Here are a few ideas.
Lately, Elika has been doing a lot of driving around and a fair about of networking. Being on a restricted diet herself, she had to come up with some strategies to help with stick with her diet, manage her weight and her budget while connecting with new referral sources.

Most therapists in private practice make a point of meeting referrals for lunch or coffee in order to network, as it can be quite lonely when your only interaction with with clients. Doctors and dentists are accustomed to lunches, dinners and drinks. All of which could stack up in calories and dollars.

So what is the solution?

Take responsibility for the parts which you can:
1) Suggest a healthy place to meet
2) Control how frequently you do networking meals
3) Limit eating out on your own time
4) Get some regular exercise in your diet to help with stress and weight control

How about alternatives to dining out? Elika was excited to meet with a few professionals who network at the gym/workout studio (buddy pass/pass day). Others go for walks and hikes.

What are some ways you have stayed healthy while networking? Have you tried one of these strategies? How did it go?  

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Food Issues & How We Can Help

Is stress or anxiety making your eyes pop out? At Center for Healthy and Happy Living, our Founder Elika Kormeili, likes to focus on solutions rather than problems. Whether you have food restrictions or not, stress can weaken your immunity. Stop the stress-induced madness, read about how we can help you with more than just your restricted diet.

Problem: Too Much Stress
Solution: Identify and tackle triggers. Learn effective stress management techniques.

Problem: Anxiety

Solution: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to identify and reduce anxiety provoking triggers. Effective relaxation techniques.

Problem: TMJ, Grinding, Clenching

Solution: Identify and effectively manage emotions.

Problem: Spread too thin/Too many commitments

Solution: Appropriate boundaries and self-care. Stress Less in LA services are just right for you!

Problem: Food Temptations.

Solution: Eliminate food temptations by stocking a healthy home/office environment. Challenge self-defeating thoughts and triggers for eating when not hungry and eating foods that are not on your eating plan.

Problem: Anxious About Food Allergies

Solution: Increase ability to manage stress, anxiety and fear. Learn strategies to explain why you or your child have to eat differently from others. Learn to battle against isolation, labeling and bullying.

Problem: Need to Lose Weight

Solution: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Weight Loss. Managing food temptations. Overcoming all the reasons for eating other than physical hunger.

Problem: Difficulty focusing and getting meeting deadlines

Solution: Time management and organization skills.

Problem: Your child is not following directions

Solution: Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)

Problem: When bad memories won’t go away

Solution: Trauma-Focused Cognitivie Behavioral Therapy

Have a problem that you would like a solution for?