A Media Holiday: Can It Help With Food Allergies and Emotional Eating?

This week is Yom Kippur. A time when the Jewish community fasts from sunset to sunset. It is a time to ask for forgiveness, and a time to forgive. It is a day of atonement and abstinence. The act of seeking forgiveness and forgiving others has many emotional and psychological benefits (religion aside).

During these 24 hours-conversative Jews also refrain from touching electricity/fire (no t.v., computer, phones, driving) no reading anything except prayer books. It is a time to reflect.

Here are things to reflect upon (even if you are not Jewish):
1) Is your life where you want it to be?
2) Is your health optimal?
3) Are there things you could be doing to improve your health but aren’t?
4) Are you creating extra drama and stress for yourself or others?
5) When you look in the mirror do you like what you see? What do you see?
6) Are there people in your life that you are hurting? Are you letting others hurt you?
7) Is there something you need to forgive yourself for?

Many experts, when discussing emotional eating suggest taking a “media holiday”-a period of time in which you refrain from watching t.v., listening to the radio, and reading magazines. In my work with people who struggle with self esteem or body image, they are frequently bombarded with media messages of what they should look like, eat like, dress like, and things they should be doing. Somehow, if we do all these things, have all those possessions, and look a certain way-by some miracle we become happy and confident.

Wondering if a media holiday is right for you?
Consider the following:

  • Do you ever feel depressed reading other people’s Facebook status?
  • Do you feel inadequate when you compare yourself to others on Twitter?
  • Do you flip through magazines wishing you had more hair, less hair, a smaller waist, bigger breasts, more muscles, etc?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you may want to seriously consider taking a media holiday. Not sure you can last a week? Try a day-just 24 little hours.

Leave us a comment and tell us how you did!

Do The Numbers On The Scale Define Your Self Worth?

Our Founder, Elika Kormeili, was recently talking with a group of women discussing their bodies, their weight and the size of their self esteem. Often times, when you have food allergies, the foods your substitutes foods like rice bread is more fattening than regular bread. This can often lead to weight gain and frustration. Even people with food allergies worry about their weight and struggle with confidence.
Here is what was discovered:

60% are on some sort of diet
50% are doing an “intense” workout program such as “Insanity” or PX90
100% are struggling with their confidence in some capacity

This is heartbearting. For so many women, their confidence is directly related to the numbers on the scale. Elika admits that she has been guilty of letting her self-confidence be determined by the scale at times too.

So why do we put such a big emphasis on our weight?
We are bombarded every day, every second of the day, by what “society” has determined to be sexy or beautiful. Ever magazine, T.V. show and gym has pre-determined what it looks like to be “fit” or ‘beautiful”. The modeling and fashion industry have determined that we should all be very tall, slender women, with little to no hips, and either small breasts or big implants. Now aren’t most designers gay men? And aren’t gay men attracted to other men? So, are they not trying to conform women into their idea of attractiveness? Which is not very feminine looking.

Four Tips to boosting your self-esteem
1) Find activities you enjoy or are good at and engage in those activities regularly.
2) Find your power color. For some it is red (it symbolizes courage, strength and power) for others it may be blue. Discover what color you feel good in and wear it.
3) Make a list of attributes you like about yourself that have nothing to do with your appearance. For example, “I am a good friend”, “I am reliable”, “I am a great cook”.
4) What would you be doing if you had higher self esteem? Do that NOW!!

BONUS TIP: Give to others. When Elika was in graduate school, she read a study about a group of students who failed a test. Naturally, they all felt bad about themselves after their grade. Half the group, volunteered to tutor others and give of their time. The other half didn’t. Guess what? The group the provided help to others rated higher on self confidence in a standardized measure.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.  ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Give these a try and leave a comment with how it works for you-I would love to get your feedback. There is no “one size fits all” and there is no “one treatment for all”.