Tips to Stay Healthy 4th of July

The holidays can be a time of fun, rest and relaxation. However, if you struggle with food, the holidays can be a source of great stress.

All the 4th of July BBQs it can be rather difficult to remain focused on your health goals.

Here are some tips to help you stay health on 4th of July

1) If you are going to a potluck, take some healthy foods with you

2) At a BBQ? Limit your intake of sugary foods and empty calories. Fill up on protein and grilled veggies.

3) Make time to do something active-maybe going hiking or to the gym. Going to a pool party? Swimming is a great form of cardio.

Instead of focusing on food, focus on family and activities. The more you associate holidays with food, the harder it will be to modify your eating habits.

What do you think of these tips? How did you keep healthy this 4th of July? Comment below.

Turkey, Stuffing and A Side of Food Allergies and Emotional Eating. 5 Tips for Surviving

The table is set. Turkey, mashed potatoes, with unforgiving sides of food allergies and emotional eating. For those who have a problem with food, the food holidays can be a stressful nightmare. Read Elika Kormeili’s tips to surviving the food holidays.
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Is Gluten Free Making You Fat?

Our founder, Elika Kormeili, has been gluten free for several years now. One thing she has noticed is that gluten free doesn’t always been healthy and definitely not “low fat”. In fact, when she first went gluten free she gained weight!

Everyone thinks that gluten free is the latest health fade. Honestly, we don’t recommend it if you don’t have to. The experience of biting into a warm slice of sourdough bread is something Elika longs for. Unless you have a health condition that requires gluten free, it’s not something for the faint at heart or the weak of will.

If you are going gluten free here about some suggestions to help you prevent weight gain in the process.
1) Don’t forget that gluten free doesn’t mean “eat everything else”. You still need to use self control and watch your portions and calorie intake.
2) Watch out for those hidden sugars. Many gluten free breads have added sugar, agave or fruit juice. These calories still count.
3) Unlike wheat bread, we have yet to find a “low calorie” gluten free bread. Most of these breads of many of brown rice or oats which make them very dense in calories. So again, be mindful of your intake.
4) Try eating more lean proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits instead of dense gluten free products.

Here is to your health!

Stress Heart Risks: New Studies Show How Stress Affects Cardiovascular Health

Stress can make your hair fall out and cause you to lose sleep, and it can also seriously impact your cardiovascular health. According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, there is new research about the impact stress has on cardiovascular health.

According to one study, elderly with elevated cortisol levels over a period of time were more likely to be at risk for cardiovascular disease, and they also were more likely to have a history of stroke, diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, and coronary heart disease. Dr ElisabethVan Rossum stated that “the data showed a clear link between chronically elevated cortisol levels and cardiovascular disease”.

 “In a very stressful situation [like unemployment], you can actually get a severe release of adrenaline and sympathetic nerve discharges that cause the heart to beat irregularly,” said John Higgins, MD, a sports cardiologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.

Proof again that stress is bad. Are you burned out? Contact us to find out about our 14-Day Stress-Bursting Challenge. Your mind and body will thank you!

10 New Things We’ve Learned About Stress

April marks the beginning of National Stress Awareness Month. Huffington Post shared a recent article outlining 10 new things we’ve learned about stress.

1) According to recent studies, work stress may lead to increased risk of cardiac complications in men, diabetes in women and it may also shorten DNA strands linked to longevity.

2) A genuine smile lowers your heart rate and alleviates stress. So next time you are in traffic, try smiling even if you have to fake it in the beginning. Haha!

3) Dwelling on stress can make matters worse. That’s right your reaction to stress impacts your physical health.

4) Chronic stress puts men at increased risk for diabetes.

5) Work issues and job stability are biggest contributers to milennial stress.

6) Learning to be present (using techniques such as art therapy and mindfulness meditation) helps alleviate stress and improve health.

7) Stress plays a role in drug relapse. Personally, we don’t think this is anything new but glad it’s getting attention. It’s important not to turn to drugs/alcohol (i.e. self-medicate) when under stress.

8) Stress impacts the body’s ability to regulate inflammation which in turn lowers immunity and places a person at risk for catching a cold.

9) Stillbirths are 2.5% higher in women with major stressful life events.

10) Also, according to researcher bring your clean, friendly, pet to work could also help alleviate stress. Of course, if you cannot take your pet to work then spends some time regularly playing with your beloved pet.

Stress in contagious! Avoid secondhand stress by following our blog and utilizing our
stress-management services.


Run Or Dye

Physical activity is an important and vital component of your health regime. The key is to find activities that you enjoy and don’t seem like “work”. Did you know that based on your interests and your psychology we can find a workout that fits your personality? Elika has helped many people assess and identify activities that they enjoy-there is no one size fits all to exercise either!

This weekend our founder, Elika Kormeili, joined many others in a 5k called Run or Dye. Elika is not the biggest fan of running/jogging but when she does run/jog she likes to keep it entertaining.

Here is the pros of this 5k:
1) You can wear customes and use some team spirit
2) You get some fresh air and Vitamin D
3) It’s good for the whole family (there were parents pushing strollers during this event)
4) You get to brag about dying and live to tell about it!

The messy pictures are included for your amusement!

Want us to help you find the right workout?


4 steps to prevent burnout

There is so much information out there about the negative impacts stress has on one’s health. From put your at risk for heart disease to impacting your sleep. Stress can do a number on your body. What can you do to prevent burning out?

Just like anyone is, Elika is under a lot of stress. Stress from multiple obligations and various deadlines. In fact, lately, Elika’s sleep was impacted by her stress and she began to notice the signs that her body is under too much stress.

Here is Elika’s 4 step burnout prevention prescription:
1) Identify what is causing worry/stress in your life.
2) Is it something you are not doing that needs to be done? If so, schedule some time in your calender now to make sure it gets done.
3) Establish appropriate boundaries to prevent those pesky “time thieves”.
4) Make sure to get adequate rest. Lack of sleep is also a stressor on the body.

Need some help getting through the rough patch? We are just a call/click away.

Did you try these steps? What was your experience?

Staying On Track: Motivation and Goals

We are 35 days into the new year and it’s time to evaluate your progress towards your goals/resolutions for 2013. Do you know where you are in the process of meeting your goals? Have you given up or forgotten?
Right about now, many people are struggling with meeting their goals. The initial motivation of your new year’s resolution as probably died down. Perhaps you are struggling to find the time to go to the gym. Perhaps you haven’t started reading the 20 books you promised to read in 2013. Did you plan that vacation you’ve been putting off?

At some point or another we all struggle to meet our goals. It’s not just about staying motivated, it’s about making the “right” choices and healthy decisions each and every day. Those you have ever gone on a diet and then regained the weight, know that permanent weight loss needs to be the result of a lifestyle change and a change in priorities.

Take a moment right now, to review your goals. What were they?

Have you written down the steps necessary to meet each goal?

What progress have you made? What barriers are you facing?

What is your plan to overcome identified barriers?

How will you keep yourself motivated?

At what point do you ask for help?

We’d love to hear from you about your 2013 goals and as always we’re here to help!

Developing Self- Esteem in Teens

Children definately don’t come with an instruction manual. It’s becoming more and more difficult to raise a well-adjusted child in today’s society. Lack of self-esteem in children and teens leads is a risk factor for pregnancy, drug use, eating disorders, among others.

We are so excited to announce that Elika was recently quoted and published by on this very topic. Being a teenager is difficult. Parents can help.

Maybe you are a parent reading this post or maybe a teenage. We are glad you are here and we hope that you use this content as a springboard to have an open dialog about the difficulties to being a teen in today’s society.

If you would like to read Elika’s tips, you can access the full article here.

Don’t forget to check out all our other great blog posts and services.

How to Eat Healthy While Networking

Elika is big on networking, but she is also big on eating healthy. If you ever wonder how to network AND eat healthy, you’re not alone! Here are a few ideas.
Lately, Elika has been doing a lot of driving around and a fair about of networking. Being on a restricted diet herself, she had to come up with some strategies to help with stick with her diet, manage her weight and her budget while connecting with new referral sources.

Most therapists in private practice make a point of meeting referrals for lunch or coffee in order to network, as it can be quite lonely when your only interaction with with clients. Doctors and dentists are accustomed to lunches, dinners and drinks. All of which could stack up in calories and dollars.

So what is the solution?

Take responsibility for the parts which you can:
1) Suggest a healthy place to meet
2) Control how frequently you do networking meals
3) Limit eating out on your own time
4) Get some regular exercise in your diet to help with stress and weight control

How about alternatives to dining out? Elika was excited to meet with a few professionals who network at the gym/workout studio (buddy pass/pass day). Others go for walks and hikes.

What are some ways you have stayed healthy while networking? Have you tried one of these strategies? How did it go?